Mugen MBX8R 1/8th buggy

The MBX8R has many new parts to increase stability, rear traction, improved jumping, and have a wide tuning range.

Suspension:New suspension mounts and geometry. The MBX8R uses new narrow RF (C) and RR (D) pivot blocks with new pivot inserts for increased tuneability. New longer box-shaped suspension arms and arm stiffeners. The rear arm uses an impact resistant material for increased durability. Adjusting the hardness of the lower suspension arms is possible with optional CFRP plates. The rear uprights are also new for the MBX8R. The molded uprights have CFRP plates to adjust rear roll center. New front shock tower and upper front arm mount use new pivot inserts for increased tuneability

Chassis:The MBX8R chassis features a slightly new design to accommodate the new suspension geometry.

Clutch: New 4 shoe clutch. The MBX8R comes with a complete new 4 shoe clutch from Mugen Seiki. The new 4 shoe clutch was designed to be easy to work on and more tunable. This clutch features a 34mm aluminum 4 shoe flywheel with removable steel pins. The new clutch has a unique way of adjusting spring tension to tune the engagement to suit your engine, track conditions and personal preferences to optimize fuel consumption and performance. Multiple clutch springs will be available as option parts. New vented 13T clutch bell will be included in the MBX8R kit. The MBX8R will come with two aluminum and two carbon shoes in the kit.

Differential and drivetrain:High Traction Differentials are included in the MBX8R. The Mugen Seiki HTD provides increased acceleration, longer runtime, and more consistent handling. The HTD’s also increase stability, traction and improve handling in bumpy conditions. The HTD diffs use new 20T internal gears to improve consistency and to have smoother operating differentials. This makes it easier to time rhythm sections, better in bumpy and low grip conditions, helps to increase traction, and increases fuel mileage. The MBX8R comes with 12T bevel gear and 42T conical gears and 46T spur gear in the kit.

New wing and wing mount. Lightweight high down-force wing allows more air to flow to improve jumping. The new IFMAR legal wing is durable, lightweight, and very stable on the track and in the air.-Revised rear wing mount will provide additional downforce and increase durability. CFRP wing plate will be available as an option part.

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